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What we do

TLS Recovery is a one stop shop solution for healthcare subrogation. Unique combination of our proprietary marketing automation and data warehousing, mining & analytics system enables us to guarantee our clients an increase in healthcare subrogation revenue of 30%-40%.

Our marketing automation system tackles the claim identification process through proprietary search and social algorithms. By utilization of scoring systems on incoming leads through the marketing automation we can ensure the best value on our clients leads. In short, our systems will make sure that you just do not have the largest reach in the prescribed market but also the most productive leads to Maximize Profitability as well.

Once the leads are obtained we ensure each claims recovery process from settlement, lien resolution and distribution runs through our extensive set of technology scrubbing tools, proprietary CRM and recovery / collection tools to ensure maximum efficiency of recovery process.

With extensive expertise in Business Analysis, CRM and Data Sciences, we are able to provide an extremely high value and quality service. Each case is carefully managed by our experienced team which recognizes the distinctive requirements associated with healthcare subrogation industry.

TLS Recovery Subrogation Process